About Tactical PR...

     When you absolutely need public relations representation
     that translates to bottom line results
Tactical Public Relations is your team.
Founded by Ara E. Chekmayan, himself a well known media figure, Tactical Public Relations helps you dynamically brand yourself, your company and your product.

At the typical public relations firm, your account may well be handled in a decentralized manner. One person speaking to you, one writing press releases, another interfacing with the press. This leads to fragmented representation.
We work with you.
Say goodbye to “kiss, kiss, love ya babe” PR types and say hello to hardcore branding professionals. We are here to make you money.
This jungle-hungry, yet handcrafted, boutique mentality is instilled by our CEO, Ara E. Chekmayan. It comes from his keen understanding of the media marketplace.
If you are after charismatic branding in the minds of consumers and interested in turning that branding into more revenue, Tactical Public Relations is your team.
In this 24/7, media-frenzied world, can you really afford to be without the appropriate representation?
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Tactical Public Relations: where we live, eat, breathe making you money by getting you noticed. Market penetration and branding to the sales savvy. Don't delay. Call now. Public Relations - Branding - Marketing Research - Psychographics Spokesmanship - Copy Writing - Crisis Management - Publicity - Conferences Media Relations - Corporate Communications - Product Knowledge - Campaigns Corporate and Celebrity PR.
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